Meet Heather

Meet Heather

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Investig8 By Data Pilot Review

I was given the chance to review this product. After getting all the details, I decided this was not for me, or my computer. I originally thought this would be a great product to monitor my teenager with. I mean lets face it, teens are teens and they are smart. And if you don't keep an eye on them, closely they'll end up  doing the very things you raised them not to do thanks to peer pressure these days. The discription for this product on the review op board is as follows:

Susteen mobile forensic products are currently in use with the FBI, DOD and hundreds of law enforcement agencies nationwide. We are proud to allow the general public access to mobile forensic software that can pull TEXTS, EMAILS, WEB HISTORY, APPLICATION DATA, CALL HISTORY and MORE from thousands of phones including the newest Androids and iPhones.

With Investig8, what was once only allowed for government use, can now be used by Mothers and Fathers, Husbands and Wives. Get valuable data that can help a loved one. Stop Cyberbullying, catch a cheating spouse or save a child from online predators with the click of a button! Some deleted info is now available including texts and pictures.
After reviewing and gaining more info on the product I learned that:
A. The product is one time use. Um why would I want something I can use only ONE TIME.
B. You must have the phone, install the software and do all kinds of other stuff just to get the info you wanted. This could take hours. I don't have time for that, plus, this isn't a very secretive way to check on your teen.
C. It is not 100% accurate and does not actually get all deleted info. Which means you could be missing important things you needed, the whole reason to even have an item like this.

When I attempted to contact this company to politely ask them to remove me from this promotion, I never got a response. In fact I contacted them via Tomoson, the review site I got this promotion from, and through their customer service link on their site. Not once, not even one time did this company bother to reply to my messages. I am not sure about you, but if you can't even get a response from customer service on a technology based product, I wouldn't want to have it. What if my computer crashed had I downloaded the product? Or malware o whatever. What If I wasn't tech savvy and needed help using the product. The lack of customer service from this company leaves me no option but to rate this company as a do not purchase from. If they will not communicate with their chosen product reviewers, whom they give a FREE product to, I can only imagine how somebody who paid for the product would feel.
Over all, I would not do any business with DataPilot, period.

Note: I was sent information to download a free copy of this product, however I did not redeem the key code due to the lack of customer service and communication from the company. This review is based on the COMPANY not the product it self. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Reusable Baby Food Pouches Review by Easy Any Where

These reusable pouches are pretty awesome. I originally decided to review them and then give them away as a baby gift for a friend of mine. But after getting these I realized these are great for kids of most ages. Why? These reusable food pouches are a great idea for smoothies on the go, yogurt, apple sauce, pretty much anything that is messy when you're in a rush. Best of all you can pre-make food and freeze them too.

These food pouches from Easy Anywhere are made from thick plastic like material that is durable and flexible. The material is BPA,PVC and Phthalate free. These pouches come in a large 7oz size that is both freezer and dish washer safe. The wide mouth opening makes them easy to fill, and the double zipper closure ensures no messes from accidental spills. Also, the screw on cap over the feeding opening locks on making it more secure as well. These pouches are bright blue in color and have a see through window on the back with measurements so you can see how much food is in the pouch. Cleaning these was supper easy. All I used was a cleaning brush and hot soapy water. No food stuck to the pouch but if you like more convenience you can throw them in the dishwasher as well. 

Over all these pouches are pretty amazing. They aren't just for toddlers in my opinion, but for any child up to age 10 for on the go snacks and smoothies too. If you want to get your own Reusable Food Pouches from Easy Anywhere, click here. These are sold in a 4 pack at an amazing price of  $13.99 and come with a 100% 90day money back guarantee.

Promotional product provided free in exchange for inspection and an honest unbiased review. I was neither paid nor sponsored for a positive, or otherwise review. The opinions above are that of my own based on my experience with the product. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Clear Skin Smoothie Face Mask by Bellaboo


  I love having a variety of facial masks in my arsenal of beauty products. They offer spa like luxery skin treatments for everything from deep cleaning to tightening and brightening aging skin. So when I had the opportunity to try the Clear Skin Smoothie Face Mask by Bellaboo I was super excited. Despite being in my 30's I skin get those teenage breakouts on my face. The Bellaboo mask was designed to deep clean and draw out impurities while refining and tightening your pores to get that clear smooth complexion back. Designed for teens and tweens this mask is made from all natural ingredients according to Bellaboo.

   The Clear Skin Smoothie Mask is a cream colored mask that has a texture of a smoothie. It has a nice clean scent like many other acne treating products. It's Very thick despite the creaminess, but still smooths on very nicely. It comes in a small squeeze tube which makes application easy. Omce applied it looks like you have spread yogurt all over your face. According to the directions you apply a thick layer on skin and allow to dry completely, approximately 10 minutes.

  The mask was very soothing as it sat on my face. I could feel it tightening a bit and felt it work as it pulled out the junk from my skin. I was very excited about this as I never knew skin could itch so much during a facial. My expectations were a nice dirt/oil free skin after rinsing off. 

  Instead of a bright clear complexion after rinsing my face, I had a red, blotchy irritated mess. This was very disheartening as I was hoping for better non irritated results. My face remained itchy and firey red for about 6 hours after use. Skin was hot to the touch and definitely not happy with what I had used. Now, keep in mind, I typically don't have sensitive skin or reactions to new products. But this is the rare exception. I know everybody has different chemistry, and every face will react differently. But for me, this is on the do not use list. Hopefully, I can give this to a friend or relative to use. 

Bellaoo Products are geared towards teens and tween. This could be the perfect product for you or your child. You can find Bellaboo products here. They have a large variety of products in their line that could be perfect for your teen. 

Promotional product provided free of charge for the purpose of inspection and review. I was neither paid or sponsored for a positive or otherwise review. The thoughts and opinions are my own based from my experiences with this product.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller By Brillante

  It's Spring time and with that comes gorgeous sunny days, flowers and warmer temps outside. BBQ's, trips to the park and bicycle riding. Along with all those wonderful things comes the not so wonderful like mice, ants, mosquitoes and creepy crawling spiders. I'm always on the look out for the best non chemical solution to these issues to protect my family's health. So when the opportunity came to try the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Brillante I took it.
ms to:
  This is what the Amazon listing for this product says about the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Brillante:

You can target mice, squirrels, bats, ants, roaches, mosquitoes and other pests with a BrillanteTM electronic pest repeller using any one or more of the four built-in functions:

-Ultrasonic sound wave creation (intended to disturb and drive away pests with sounds outside the spectrum audible to humans)

-Electromagnetic field alteration (to repel in-wall insects sensitive to electromagnetic variations)

-Negative ion generator (to reduce airborne particles, microbes and odors that help attract pests)

-O3 / ozone unit (for reducing indoor bacteria and virus levels)

Convenient switches on each side of the pest repeller allow you to switch on or off each of the 4 functions at will and subtle LED lights let you know which functions are active (the ultrasonic function should be switched off if near pet rodents, results vary for dogs by age/breed).
COVERAGE: Ultrasonic function intended for use in a single room up to 6996 square feet. Additional units may be needed to target rodents in more than one room with ultrasonic sound waves. Negative ion and O3 functions intended for areas up to 861 sq. ft.
One unit is enough to provide electromagnetic coverage throughout the house (based on in-wall wiring).
INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE & EASY: Just plug into a wall outlet and switch on the functions you want to use. Can be combined with additional non-toxic repellents such as peppermint oil and even traps to catch pests driven out of hiding.

  I have been using this device for about 4 weeks now, just in time to keep those pesky ants and spiders I see every year out of the house. I keep all options switched on at all times to get the full benefits of this device. Unfortunately, for my my experience has not been the greatest as far as repelling the pest. Every year around mid March I get an annoying trail of ants that come through my bathroom window and chill at the sink as if it were the beach. I don't know why, being that its clean and there isn't any food there for them, maybe it's the water access, I don't know. But they do arrive almost like clock work. I was excited to NOT see these little nuisances this year as I had set up the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller in my bathroom. But as usual, the ants still came, marching one by one to the sink to hang out with their other ant buddies. This was a huge disappointment for me as it takes weeks of constant baiting and scrubbing and spraying to get them gone. 

  As far as the odor control aspect of this little device, I can say the horrible stinch that often lingers after my husband or son have made a visit to the restroom doesn't seem to linger around nearly as long as it use to. For that I can say this device does help to some degree. 

  Overall, I wasn't impressed with this product over all. Had it kept the ants away I would have totally believed in it, but sadly it didn't, so I don't. Everybody does have different experiences with products, mine wasn't the best. 

Promotional product provided free in exchange for an honest unbiased review. I was neither paid or sponsored for a positive or other wise review. The opinions outlined are that of my own based off my experiences with this product.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Heather's Product Gossip: Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Ebook by ...

Heather's Product Gossip: Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Ebook by ...: I love green smoothies, but I am always afraid of what to put in them in fear of the out coming taste (have you ever huiced an onion?...

Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Ebook by Jonathan Vine

I love green smoothies, but I am always afraid of what to put in them in fear of the out coming taste (have you ever huiced an onion??) When I had a chance to review this book in exchange for review I knew I just HAD to have it. This book is great for any beginner who is looking to add more fruits and veggies to their diet to help improve over all health, with an added bonus of potential weight loss or for those hard core dieters who just want some new variety in their smoothies.

For me juicing and smoothies are nothing new. All though the first few chapters are very informative for BEGINNERS with details as to how smoothies are good for you, what they can do for you and why and all that, I personally got bored with them and felt they were repetitive. But again, I am not a newbie to this whole concept, which would explain why I felt that way.

After the first few chapters you finally get into the good stuff, the recipes! Like I said I have been a bit nervous about trying certain veggies in my smoothies and not sure what to blend them with. This book has offered so many varieties I was shocked. I was even more shocked to find out how much I actually like kale and spinach in my smoothies too. So many recipes you can have a different one every, plus once you get comfortable with trying new things, its easy to come up with your own unique variations that you love.

One thing I really liked about this book despite not being new to being healthy is that each recipe gives you your nutritional facts suchas calories, fat, protien and carbs. I really have to watch my carb intake whether its natural or artificial sugars, due to my hypothyroidism. I don't have much of a metabolism, making it hard to burn calories and carbs, so the fewer the carbs the better for me. I also like how he adds a little tip or fact or replacement idea at the beginning of each recipe.

Over all I would say this a great for beginners looking to get healthy and potentially loose some weight. If you are not new to smothie/juicing concept, and you know the benefits, whys and what fors, skip the first few chapters and dive into the recipes.

I received this items in exchange for an honest unbiased review. The opinions are my own and based of my personal experience.

Dot & Dot Teething Toys Review

Baby items always seem to make me smile. Funny thing is my "baby" is almost 7. My co-worker/friend on the other hand is expecting their 3rd child in May. I had the opportunity to inspect and review these teething toys  from Dot & Dot and thought what a great addition this will be to their baby gift basket.

 Finding unisex gifts can be hard these days, and since my friend and his wife choose not to find out the sex of their expected baby, these are perfect for them as these bright colors are perfect for  boy or girl. These toys come packaged in a cute little bag that is tied shut, making it already perfect for gift giving.
These toys come with a car, a train an elephant and a bracelet/toy clip that allows you to either clip one toy or pacifier to it or make it a bracelet. The  bracelet/clip is also beaded with the same BPA free, food grade silicone teething beads as the toys. That is important as we all know, because nobody wants to harm a baby with harsh chemicals. I have to say I actually like this material much better than the gel filled teething rings my kids had. Those things where hard, and slick. Once a tooth came in, forget using them because those sharp little new teeth pierced the plastic making a nasty leaking (not to mention unhealthy) mess. The Dot & Dot teething toys are thick, and solid, making them durable and long lasting. One side of the toys is smooth while the other side is textured making it perfect for soothing sore baby gums. You can also throw these babies in the freezer to make them cold for added relief to inflamed gums.

Cleaning these teething toys is supper easy, just throw them in the dishwasher and your done. I personally prefer the old fashion method of cleaning and sanitizing with boiling water my self, and that is ok too! Over all I would say these are great teething toys. I really wish I had these for my children, but at least I know I will be giving one of the most perfect gifts for the expecting mom.

These teething rings can be found here for purchase.

I received this item in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. The opinions above are my own and based off my experience with this product.